Crew Bios


Roger Armstrong is a genius auteur from the North East of England he began producing underground techno in the early nineties, this led to VJ’ing and DIY filmmaking. In 2014 he directed, produced, wrote, edited, scored, photographed and catered the awe inspiring. award-winning experimental feature film Remnants Of A Disaster.

John Hickman is an author and screenwriter, in 2014, his children’s TV script, The Things, won the BAFTA Rocliffe 2014 children’s writing competition.

Alastair Cummings talented Director of Photography but always turns up at least an hour late for everything.

Stephen Robertson gifted artist (and performer) with an unnatural ability to produce convincing SFX make-up with everyday items.

anson Cummstrong
Reclusive, mysterious Dutch (or Scandinavian) former investigative reporter. Creator, Executive Producer and presenter of the controversial and banned cult Dutch (or Scandinavian) documentary web series Manson Cummstrong: Investigates. The series was so vilified by Ain’t It Cool News, Manson in a fit of rage, destroyed all trace of it, every tape, photograph and document relating to the production was burnt in a Viking style burial at sea. After the series was pulled from YouTube in the mid 2000s Manson fled Holland (or Scandinavia) and retreated into a self imposed exile.  Accusations were made by contributors alleging twisting of facts, sexual harassment and probably paedophilia leading to a police investigation. His only involvement in media now is financing and mentoring struggling underground filmmakers, with Sublimate being his first (and only) project, his only stipulation for financing being that the film featured a Viking Burial scene. None of the other filmmakers have ever met Manson the only communication with the elusive wanted criminal being via heavily encrypted text messages.